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Energy Master Plan

Actions to mitigate against climate change
by reducing the use of fossil fuels at the local level

Phibsboro' Village Tidy Towns (PVTT) have developed a Energy Master Plan for the local area. 

This energy master plan details Phibsboro’s fossil fuel use, identifies opportunities for energy efficiency and emission reductions and creates the potential for community owned renewable energy.


This is the start of a process to Decarbonise 

Phibsboro. The continued burning of fossil fuels releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The build-up of carbon negatively impacts our environment and creates global and local climate change.

The Energy Master Plan underpins the Phibsboro Village Climate Club. There is also a webinar available on turning Solar into Savings with case studies.

The Energy Master Plan is divided into separate sections and is available to download by clicking on the image(s) below.

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