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Refresh Your Wardrobe Sustainably at Phizzfest

Swapping is the new shopping!

  • Save the environment:

Fast fashion has contributed to creating waste for landfill and is not sustainable. Swapping clothes keeps them in use for longer, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving water. It stops good clothes going to waste.

  • Save money:

Our wardrobes are crammed with things we no longer wear, and constantly buying the latest fashions can be expensive. Swapping clothes allows you to refresh your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

  • Have fun with style:

Clothes swapping is a fun and easy way to find something new to wear. Clear out the clutter: if it's the wrong size now, or it has been worn at too many special occasions, or it's just something you've grown tired of, swap it!

Can I donate if I don't find anything I want in exchange?

Of course! However, keep in mind that we are taking good quality items (i.e. good enough to resell and re-wear) rather than items that are badly worn or damaged. For health reasons, we can't accept earrings, swimwear or underwear.

Can I 'buy' an item if I don't have anything to donate?

Yes, a limited number of swap tokens will be available to buy on the day, but try to bring items to donate to keep the sustainability going.

Can I try on items before I take them in exchange?

Yes, there will be fitting facilities for trying on items in the Scout Hall.

What if I want to swap for a new item that doesn't quite fit me?

We will have a dressmaker on site on Saturday 13th May to advise you and make minor alterations.

What will happen to left over items at the end of the swap?

Any left over items will be donated to charity at the end of the event.

If you have any questions before the event, please email

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