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Solar PV — a financial case study in Phibsboro showing how households can save on electricity bills

Updated: May 10

Rooftop solar panels can make a great contribution to combating climate change and global warming. Phibsboro Village Tidy Towns Climate Club has done a case study on how solar photovoltaic (PV) panels can make a difference to electricity bills and make a difference to the environment.

They offer households an immediate action which has a positive environmental impact in

delivering a greener, healthier and better place for everyone.

The solar panels also offer a win-win opportunity by saving real money on the electricity bills. Having installed 16 solar panels on this 100 year-old mid-terrace redbrick house in Phibsborough in November 2022, the electricity bill payments have been € ZERO for

the whole year since then. Furthermore, there is currently a credit of €115cr on the electricity account at the end of the year.

This has given rise to a first-year return of 10.4% per annum on the initial investment for installing the panels. Such a rate of return compares very favourably with any other bank or pension fund investments, and it is tax-free.

Download case study below:

Download PDF • 831KB

Nowhere is the expression 'Think Global, Act Local' more applicable than in the solar track of the Phibsboro Climate Club. This action is distinctly local through powering buildings withelectricity generated on their own roofs through solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar panels generate renewable electricity directly from the sun. They have no polluting emissions, in contrast to fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil and coal which all emit the greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming and global climate change. This local action makes an immediate contribution to the urgent global goal of combatting climate change.

See below to download an Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) assessment report of the work of Climate Club.  

Phibsboro Climate Club - Solar Track-26March2024
Download PDF • 2.25MB

If you would like to join Climate Club, learn more or ask to be put on the mailing list, please email

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