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Biodiversity Action Plan

Actions to mitigate against climate change
by increasing biodiversity at the local level

Phibsboro' Village Tidy Towns (PVTT) have developed a Biodiversity Action Plan for the local area. 

This plan was developed using the following methodology:

  • Established PVTT Biodiversity sub-committee

  • Engaged ecologists to lead the project with funding from the Community Foundation of Ireland.

  • Used Citizens Science to map and identify trees, fauna and flora to identify deficits of biodiversity in Phibsborough

  • Engaged with local community at an early stage to share ownership of plan.  

  • Engaged with state agencies and Dublin City Council

  • Analysis of collected data to establish achievable interventions to increase biodiversity

The Biodiversity Action Plan underpins the Phibsboro Village Climate Club

The Biodiversity Action Plan is available to download using the link below

Phibsboro Village Tidy Towns also commissioned two local insect surveys from entomologist Nessa Darcy. These are also available to download. One is from Villa Bank Garden and the second of the Royal Canal.  

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