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Garden Competition Winners Announced!

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

The 2023 competition has now closed and thank you to everyone who entered. Yet again this year there was a good level of interest and entries for all the categories. Winners have been contacted individually and will be awarded with €50 vouchers for Mr Middleton. Commendation certificates will be presented to all entrants at Buzzfest on Saturday 23rd September in the gardens of St Peter's Church.

Front Garden

Brendan O'Shea

Connaught Street

​The range of biodiverse plants in this space continues to amaze and provide early summertime interest. While they had started to go over when visited by the judges, they noted that many seedheads were being left for the birds. Consideration could be given to introducing some planting for autumn interest to extend the season.


Emmet O'Briain

O'Connell Avenue

Terrace garden with huge variety of planting including colourful flowers, variety of shrubs, herbs and wild flowers - garden which appeals to all the senses and is very natural.


Natalie Tennyson & Ger McDermott

Myrtle Street

The window box and ground level planters provide a great splash of colour in an otherwise very grey and concrete space. The judges noted that the Sunflower seeds will be an invaluable food source for birds later in the year.

Community Garden

Serenity Community Garden

Great Western Square

A lovely community garden, making great use of the space. A massive selection of veg and fruit, including berries, growing in the area. Judges noted the profusion of plums and cherries ready for eating by the community. All the raised beds are well stocked and clearly maintained on a regular basis. Did note that underneath the tree the grass appeared to have been recently cut. The judges suggest that in the future a small section of long grass could be retained uncut under the tree to provide cover for insects.

This year the judges noted how the gardens had more creative use of space and had a greater variety of planting to encourage wildlife and growing with nature. Gardeners are growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and berries all within view. Many of the gardens introduced great splashes of colour in otherwise grey urban areas, by using window boxes and planters by the front door. The judges encourage the use of peat free compost - which is now widely available - in all containers.

The wide range of biodiverse planting was great to see; for example, foxgloves, verbascum and mallow. Also, this year, we noticed the use of yellow rattle in lawns to suppress grass and encourage wildflowers.

In the future we are hoping to see more water sources available for wildlife - there will be a stand at Buzzfest and a workshop on how to create a mini pond in a bucket to attract more insects and birds into gardens.

If you are looking for more inspiration, there are lots of resources available on biodiversity gardening from the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan website:

We hope all gardeners continue to enjoy the outdoor spaces which enhance our village!


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